The Hidden Cost of Printing

By understanding where your organization incur costs, you can take control and achieve a return on invest by implementing the right solution.
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The Breakdown

Hardware Costs
Only 5% of printing costs are attributed to hardware costs. Think printers, print servers, and hard disks.
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Operating Costs
A full 45% of print-related costs come from things like consumables, operators/techs, network management, and power/infrastructure.
Indirect Costs
50% of the costs of printing are indirect costs - that's your help desk and support, hits to end user productivity, maintenance/warranty, and under using or not using assets.
Bottom Line
Most organizations have actually no idea how much they are spending on printing and imaging.

How much could printing really cost?

1 in 4 help desk tickets are print related. Of those, 15% are escalated beyond the first level of support which can triple or even quadruple the cost per ticket!

A Solution to Recoup Costs


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Stop wasting money on printing, scanning, and user management issues - today!

The Numbers Don't Lie

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"Tricerat...saves a lot of time and is so simple to use that just about all printer management tasks can be assigned to lower level admins."
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"Tricerat's solutions [saves] our company tens of thousands in support costs."
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